5 Best Practices for Using Email Marketing to Help Promote Your Tutoring Business

How To Use Email Marketing In Promoting Your Tutoring Business

Email marketing is one of the most effective internet marketing strategies to promote any online businesses. If you are running your own tutoring business, you can also benefit from using email marketing in improving the traffic and sales conversion for your tutoring business. However, email marketing is not as easy as it may sound. In most cases, you have to know the proper etiquette in order to use this particular internet marketing method to your advantage. Below are some ways on how to use email marketing to promote your tutoring business.

Send Pitching Emails

One of the most important uses of email marketing is that it allows you to make a sales pitch to your prospect clients. Your sales pitch should contain a short description of the service that you offer as well as why people should get your services.  This will also give you the leverage of people getting to know more about you.

Write Newsletters

Most people value the information that they get from their email inboxes. Writing newsletters about tutoring and sending it out to prospective clients will give them an idea that your business exists. Moreover, providing a business newsletter also helps you establish your authority in the tutoring industry.

Link Your Newsletters To Your Website

Another important strategy that you can do when using email marketing is to link your newsletters to your website. Website links help build traffic to your site which can be translated to higher sales conversion. Moreover, linking your newsletters to your website also helps the ranking of your website to search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Learn From The Feedbacks From Your Clients

An important aspect when doing email marketing is that it allows you to get feedbacks from your clients and learn from them. Learn from the comments sent by your prospect clients in order to improve the types of products and services that you offer. This ensures that you will be able to satisfy their needs once they enroll in your online tutoring business.

Create Connections

Email marketing is the best way to extend your network. Make sure that before you send out newsletters, you have collected email addresses from people who will likely become your clients. You can do this by research or by paying a company to give you lists of emails of potential clients.

Email marketing is a convenient internet marketing method that you can use to promote your online tutoring business and it is important that you take advantage of it to make your business most successful.


5 Tips to Create Promotional Offers to Help You Obtain Your Future Clients

How To Offer Special Promotions To Your Students

Keeping your clients and students happy and loyal to your tutoring business is very important if you want to make your company flourish for a long time. There are many ways to be able to get your clients’ loyalty and one of them is to offer special promotions. In reality, everyone wants to get something free or at discounted price and by doing so, you will be able to build your reputation and image to your students. Below are five ways that can offer to your clients to help build a better relationship with them.

Offer Them Discounted Services

There’s nothing like offering discounted services that will make your clients grateful to you. In fact, if you offer discounted services, this will guarantee more tutoring sessions with your students and this will also encourage them to refer their friends who are in need of tutoring services to book lessons with your company.

Offer More Tutoring Time For Free

You can promote your company if you offer more tutoring time to your clients for free. This will make them appreciate you for spending more time with them. This is especially true among clients who want to have more tutoring sessions because they are having a hard time catching up with their academics.

Offer Free Consulting Hours

The tutoring service that you provide does not end after you are done with the tutoring session. In most cases, there are students who wish to send you their inquiries by email and it is important that you provide them with the consultation that they need. Offering free consultation hours is a great way to help your students out with whatever concerns they may have. This also gives the impression that you care for your students a lot.

Batch Tutorial At Reduced Prices

If your business allows you to teach students by batches, then you should consider offering batch tutorial at reduced price.  This will not only bring in more students who want to study the same syllabus but it will also help you build your image.

Offer Extra Notes And More Discussion Materials

You will do great service to your clients if you offer extra notes and more materials to them. You can give out copies of tutoring materials so that they can review them after their tutoring sessions.

There are many ways for you to build your business relationship with your students and these five ways are deemed as the most effective special promotions that you can give to your students.


Tutor Pricing Packages: the Pros and Cons

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Offering Tutoring Packages

Having your own tutoring business can be challenging because you have to make sure that you find ways on how to retain your students. One of the best ways to retain old clients and encourage new ones to join is to offer tutoring packages. Tutoring packages are great in bundling your tutorial services. Moreover, its presence also helps you define the types of products and services that you can offer to your clients. While it is very inviting to offer tutoring packages, it is important that you know the advantages and disadvantage of tutoring packages.

The Advantages Of Tutoring Packages

There are many advantages of tutoring packages and below is a discussion why you should implement and offer packages to your students.

Tutoring packages are effective when it comes to keeping your business environment professional. Tutoring packages define the exact hours and sessions that your students can avail when they purchase a particular package. Moreover, your students will also be able to know the type of services that they will only get for the package that they will be enrolling in.

  • Tutoring packages are paid immediately by clients. Because of this, you can use the payment to fund for the tutor fee as well as for the development of the materials.
  • Tutoring package provide a defined pattern to both students and tutors. Due to this, the sequence of the tutoring session is very easy to follow thus saving you a lot of time when it comes to tutor preparations and student handling.

The Disadvantages Of Tutoring Packages

While tutoring packages offer a lot of advantages, they also come with several disadvantages. Here are some of the drawbacks of offering tutoring packages to your clients.

  • Some clients might not be able to afford the price of your tutoring package. The costly initial fee is usually defined by the amount of hours or tutoring sessions included in the package and there are some students who are just looking for a few sessions in order to be able to achieve their study goals.
  • If the student hasn’t completed the session requirements because he or she feels adequately informed, then compensation issues might arise. To solve this problem, it is important that you indicate a disclaimer to your student prior to the tutoring session.
  • You also need to follow a stringent schedule that you need to comply with and there are some students who do not have flexible schedules to make it to the session.

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of offering tutoring session is crucial to determine whether you should offer them to your students or not.

Why Should I Hire a CPA?

Hiring A CPA For Your Tutoring Business

If your tutoring business has already expanded, then hiring a certified public accountant (CPA) is an important step to help you maintain important business processes as well as help you with legal matters. The role of a CPA is to ensure that your financial dues and obligations are up to date. Moreover, there are also many other reasons why you need to hire a CPA for your tutoring business.

Knowledge On Tax Laws

All CPAs are knowledgeable about the many tax laws implemented in different states in the country so you can trust him or her to tell you about the tax liabilities that you need to pay to the government. CPAs will also remind you to pay your taxes on time. Moreover, CPAs will also help you to make your company legal as they can help you arrange all the necessary paperwork in order to run your business.

Keep Important Records

Keeping financial records can be very challenging especially among those who are not familiar with accounting. Do not burden yourself by doing DIY accounting and just hire an accountant so that you can focus your energy to more important business aspects. An accountant can definitely help you immensely by filing the statement of your transactions and financial dues.

They Can Give Important Sales Advice

Since CPAs know the market trend, they can also give you insightful sales advice that you can use to improve your business. They can suggest business options that will improve the standing of your company and that they can tell you if you have the capacity (financially) to be able to carry out different business options and strategies. Moreover, they can also help you get the funding that you need for your expansion.

Help Negotiate Deals

If you encounter issues such as salary rates, CPAs can help you negotiate with your employees by giving factual financial statements. Aside from internal disputes, CPAs can also help you negotiate deals with investors and that they can also help prepare the necessary documents to seal new contracts.
Hiring a certified public accountant for your tutoring business is very important because they take care of the financial aspects of the company. Moreover, they also make sure that your business is legal so that you avoid any problems with the government. Overall, hiring a CPA for your tutoring business will give you a lot of advantages in ensuring the success of your tutoring business.

The Basics of Creating Welcome Letters To Your Tutoring Customers

Once you have a new client sign up for your tutorial business, you should be able to provide them a welcoming packet. This welcome packet would include a welcome letter where you include how your tutoring center operates. This way, your clientele would know what to expect from you and what you expect from them. So, without further ado, here are some of the basic ideas that you can include in your welcome packet.

Write on the Specific Subject Your Client Enrolled In

Your tutoring center may be offering various tutorials on a wide array of subjects and for different grade levels and each client would be enrolling on different subject matters of different grade levels. So, try to customize your welcome letter for the specific subject matter that the client enrolled in. You can include how the subject matter is tackled and the different ways that a lesson can be taught so that the client can come prepared and would also have an idea on your tutoring processes. You can also include a syllabus to guide them.

You can Include Notice Agreements

Agreement notices are reminders of development and commitment of the client. It can include the schedule of the tutorial session and even the place or the room where the session is to commence. These are important reminders to your client that they have an appointment with you. It will also reinforce to your client that you mean business and it is going to help you create a good business relationship with them. Further, the notice agreements will also serve as a contractual agreement between you, the tutor, and the client to follow the stipulations of your tutoring contract.

Ask for Suggestions

It is also crucial for you to ask for suggestions from your clients when it comes to improving the work relationship. This is also a good sign of your openness and is also a sign of your willingness to adapt to your client’s needs. As a tutor, by now you should know that a lot of people have different learning approaches and some may e comfortable with your teaching approach while others are not. So, if you come into contact with client’s who have difficulty with your teaching approach, the best way to solve the problem is to be open to changes that would benefit your client more. Having an open communication with your client will help you run things smoothly, so don’t be afraid of suggestions coming from your client.

What You Can Do To Market Your Tutoring Businesses In Schools

As a Tutoring Center, you need to understand that the success to your business relies on good communication. It is good communication that people are enticed to enroll in your tutorial center. And it is still through good communication and relationship with your clients that you retain them as your customers until you have fully met their needs. It is also through good communication and relationship with your client that they spread good news about your competency as a tutorial center and thereby add to positively to your reputation. But, there will be times when these marketing schemes is not enough and you want to tap schools to endorse your tutorial center, so how do you go about this?

Readying for Your Introduction to Schools

Of course, before you introduce your tutorial center to schools, you need to be prepared. You should already have your target market, which grade levels are you offering your tutorial services for and what specific subjects are you offering. Then, make a checklist of the schools that are near your vicinity—going to a school located in the next city will be useless and not worth your effort because parents would always choose the ones that are near them for convenience. Next, you should already have a pamphlet with you that would outline your information about your tutorial organization, your services and maybe some testimonies. Lastly, make a list of the people who you should talk to like the school administrators, counselors and even specific teachers who are hands on in providing the children education.

Meet with the Concerned School Administrators

So now that you are meeting up with the key school people, you can talk and research about the specific problem areas that school children face. Then you can market your skills and services as a tutorial organization to help target and address specific problems of learners. Now, it is time to show you tutoring center’s pamphlet which should help convince the school on your legitimacy and will prod them to endorse you to their students. Lastly, you can also leave teaching modules and materials with the school administrator to show off your teaching processes that you are using in your organization.

Permission to Leave and Post Fliers

Before you end your discussion with key school administrators, also ask for permission to leave fliers in the school premises or even add your pamphlets on the school’s bulletin boards. This way, you are reaching personally to students and increase their awareness that there is help outside the school. Further, parents will also have access to these fliers to be aware of your organization.

Are Values Crucial In Your Tutorial Business?

When it comes to principles and values, the tutoring business is quite sensitive to these attributes. You’re not just there to impart ideas and concepts to students, you are also there for them to pick up important values—just like a real teacher in a classroom environment. As a tutor to children—big and small alike—you will become their moral compass. I’m not saying that it is your full responsibility to inculcate them with values, but you have to guide them in the right path. Therefore, values is not a trivial matter and here are some principles that I want you to ponder.

Values Make Responsible Citizens

Values teach your clients and students the proper way of conducting themselves and also with the proper ethics. You will most likely be a role model to your students by just coming to your sessions earlier. With that extra time, you get to interact with your student. This will also open the student’s eyes to becoming punctual once they are adults. Also simple manners and etiquettes that you practice during your session with the child will be impressed upon these little minds who hopefully will emulate you.

Values Will Be Practiced

Students—just like the kid in all of us, have misplaced priorities. So provide them with values and help them practice it at all times. Also make sure that these values are developmental and positive. If you teach them the value of managing their time between making their assignments, studying, preparing for class, chores at home and play they will become better adults. You won’t be having a hard time following up their paper work and assignments for your tutorial session. If you practice this with them on a daily basis, soon they will become responsible and value time management.

Values Are Usually Engraved

Values can be engraved in the minds of your tutorial students—this can both be a boon and a bane to you and to parents; because if the wrong values have been inculcated in them, they carry this all through their lives. However, if you inculcate proper ethics and developmental values into your clients then the child, their parents and you shall reap the benefit of a child living up to good values. When it comes to your tutoring center, try to give emphasis on teaching and inculcating the value of effective learning to fight against their weaknesses and the value of good study habits. There may be students who need extra reminders, just be patient—not all were made equal. Just remember, values will shape students and can be a positive or negative influence to their future.

How Does Tutoring Trends in Education Impact You?

As technology grows in leaps and bounds, education is hard put to grow at the rate of technology, but unfortunately simply just can’t. But either way, education does grow to accommodate changes in technology as much as possible. Hand in hand with technology, children’s attention span has grown less thus tutors are hard put in holding the attention of their clients during tutorial sessions. Knowing the tutoring trends in education and using them to your advantage will give you an edge. So here are the changing trends in education.

Establishment of Interactive Tutoring Scheme

To maintain liveliness in the tutoring environment, interaction is key. You should prepare activities that will help your student learn concepts through actions instead of monotonous lectures. With lively interaction, it spices up your tutoring sessions and you can maintain holding the attention of your student.

Focus on Clear Goals

Your students   would always want to learn the crucial details and the rest of the time would depend on their motivation to learn; so try to establish the important facts first and clarifying the necessary things. Further, students find it easier to remember information when ideas are presented sin a succinct and clear manner.

Expand through Paperless Tutoring

Make use of digital media to channel your notes and thereby save paper, as much as possible try not to have a paper track when tutoring. Although there will be students who are more comfortable with paper notes, but do try to incorporate digital media in your tutoring session so that the child can also adapt to this technology. Aside from that, this will also inculcate into children to make the most use out of the current resources they have and to save the trees too.

Maintaining a Hold of Your Student’s Short Attention Span

In providing tutorial clients with quality education, the primary enemy is their short attention spans—which every tutor know. So what are the ways of holding on to your client’s attention? As you have heard over and over again, keep the lesson lively, interactive and interesting. I know that this is easier said than done but here are some helpful ways to do it. Make use of vivid explanations and even moving images to grab and hold on to your student’s interest.

Make Use of Technology

Embrace technology and use it as a tool to make your sessions lively and interactive. You can use iPads or tablets to provide them with a video clip of the boring scientific process that you are trying to explain. Or give them interactive math exercises via this tool. Use the digital technology as your tool in conquering short attention spacs.

Is It Worth To Use Instagram To Endorse Your Tutorial Center?

If you need to enhance your tutoring businesses’ profits you need to make use of innovative ways to endorse your school. In order to entice people to make use of your business, you need to endorse your business in the right manner. Social media and the digital age can create positive and instant buzz around your tutorial business when harnessed the right way and one of them is Instagram. With Instagram, you can upload photos and share it with people in an instant. But the bigger question is, does it work?

You Can Tap a Wider Market Base

A lot of people are using Instagram and whole lot of other social media apps and more often than not, they check their profiles several times a day. By posting to Instagram, you have a limitless possibility of tapping into newer markets. With the right message and photos, you can easily attract new customers to your business. Having lots of friends in your social media account is also a key to reaching out to potential other clients. Just imaging, by posting one photo to your account, it can be seen in the account of your friends. Then your friends’ friends can also see it. So, even if you only have 100 friends on Instagram and each of your friends has 200 friends so how many people were you able to reach? Thousands already!

Establishes Transparency

One power of posting on Instagram is that you establish transparency with a photo. It shows myriads of evidence on how you run your business, it shows a picture of what your tutorial center looks like and most of all, it shows evidence that you are indeed in the tutoring business with clients availing of your services already. With a phot, it also shows that you are an established tutorial center. It provides people with proof that you are not a fly by night operation. Of course, parents would always look for a tutoring center that they can trust with furthering the education of their students. Therefore, uploading a photo of your operations, establishes trust.

With an Instagram Photo You Can Show Off

You need clients’ right? This is no time to be shy. You need to put your best foot forward. Show off the innovative ways that you conduct your tutoring lessons. Not only does this provide would be clients an eye view of how interactive you are, it also alleviates clients fears of what goes on during a tutoring session.

Ways to Entice Clients to get Themselves Tutored During the Holidays

Typical tutoring services are availed by student clients during the course of the school days. Often, tutoring classes begin after class hours or during weekends. This basically explains why the peak of tutoring business is well within the time when there are actually contact hours with teachers. But tutoring need not be confined to this period. In fact, holidays or summer breaks may actually be an opportunity to cater to more clients and thereby increasing the income of the business. The challenging aspect however about this is how to convince your clients to enroll in those days. Here are effective ways on how you can actually achieve this.

  1. Offer specialized topics

Typical tutoring topics definitely will not work for student clients especially if the same services they can avail during class time will be offered during special and summer breaks. But if you actually offer topics that are not offered on a regular class period and are more specialized then it could entice your clients to enroll in these topics. The details, for instance of broad topics, could be offered as one of the tutoring offerings during the holidays.

  1. Advertise that your topics during the holidays will give them more knowledge

Subjects that are also sort of advanced sessions may also encourage some student clients to avail of your services especially those who would like to be relaxed once those specialized topics are discussed in their classes. Moreover, those students who would like to be on top of their class always might also be enticed to learn of the topics before their teachers talk about it especially if you ensure that they will likely get higher marks compared to being expose to the topics during their classes only.

  1. Vary your rates for summer or holiday sessions

Discount rates and promo prices often entice a number of consumers to avail of the product with reduced prices or those with special freebies like take topics get one free and others. This is also true for student clients and their parents who avail of tutoring services. Reducing the rates of services you offer or provide freebies during holidays and on summer breaks are also another way to catch the attention of your clients and encourage them to avail of the promo.

It is pretty difficult to entice students to avail of tutorial services during the holidays or breaks but several ways can be implemented in order to entice them to enroll. Venturing on these may help expand your tutoring business.

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